Not by Me, You nor Feldenkrais
But what Is? Any ideas?
And Moving Forward Into Freedom
Last Tuesday on March 28th, I left Merida which has been my home on and off for nearly 12 years. I am living about an hour away in a tiny house in a…

February 2023

Speaking to a longtime reader of my email newsletter on the issue of whether I trust a certain “senior” Feldenkrais Trainer. The trainer was someone who…
Feldenkrais And The End Of Secrets (Redux)Listen now (9 min) | An audio version of my substack post The End Of Secrets - expanded and deepened for Feldenkrais with a bit of historical context…

January 2023

And the creation of new mythologies.
And it will always be necessary
You get to choose.

December 2022

Feldenkrais without Moshe? Christianity without Jesus?

November 2022

Is Feldenkrais a religion?

September 2022

Professional organizations have an agency problem: they limit knowledge and action.